Thursday, December 13, 2007

Auto Save Documents in MS Office applications

If you have ever lost an MS Office document when your program crashes, or your computer accidentally loses power, and you haven't saved the latest revision, the directions for setting AutoRecovery are listed below:
  1. On the Tools menu (of each application), click Options, and then click the Save tab.
  2. Select the "Save AutoRecover info every" check box.
  3. In the minutes box, specify how often you want your Microsoft Office program to save files.
AutoRecovery is NOT a backup copy or a normal saved copy. Setting "AutoRecover" does not replace the Save command. You should use the Save command to save your document at regular intervals and when you finish working on it. If you exit the program and do not tell it to save the open file, then there is no way to recover the document.

To save a document, you can go to the "File" menu, click the floppy disk icon, or type "Ctrl-S".


If you are a true MS Office aficionado, and know how to work with macros, the website below has a macro you might try for a true autosave option.


I hope everyone has a great holiday and vacation! Great chance to recharge your internal batteries!

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